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Southern Progress Fund


The simple Southern values of neighbor helping neighbor, working together to make our communities stronger, standing together when a friend is in crisis – these are not just Southern values, these are values for which Democrats have always stood.

The Southern Progress Fund (SPF) is working to remind Southerners of the progress accomplished by generations of leaders who understood that these common values make us stronger. Those leaders – stalwarts like Bill Clinton, Jimmy Carter, Lyndon Johnson, John Lewis, Max Cleland, Ann Richards, William Fulbright,  Barbara Jordan – were all Southerners. And they were all Democrats.

We look ahead to a new generation of like-minded leaders who share those core values.

SPF is working to protect all of us in the South from voter suppression; to register more voters so that every voice is heard; and to bring much needed resources to identify emerging leaders and build a bench of strong Democratic candidates up and down the ballot.

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